Fusion Voice Mail Plus by PhoneFusion


How much does Fusion Voicemail Plus cost?
Fusion Voicemail Plus is a free, downloadable application for your cellular phone.

Can I use Fusion Voicemail Plus on any phone?
Fusion Voicemail Plus is available on any cell phone running Windows Mobile 5 or 6, BlackBerry or Andorid. You can also access you messages from our web site at any time.

Do I need another one of your services to use Fusion Voicemail Plus?
You do not need other PhoneFusion services (like PhoneFusion One) to use Fusion Voicemail Plus. All you need is a phone with Windows Mobile 5 or 6, BlackBerry or Android.

Once I delete my message is it gone forever? Or is it still accessible elsewhere, like your website?
If a message is deleted from the device via the application then it is permanently deleted. It will not be available via our web site either.

Do you store phone numbers in your service?
No, we do not store any phone numbers.

Can I listen to my messages on my answering machine or office phone?
No. Messages are only accessible via your cell phone or website.

What do the different message colors mean?

  • Yellow = message taken but not downloaded
  • Red = marked for deletion (deleted when you empty trash) - Note that if you don’t empty your trash your mailbox may fill up.
  • Dark Green = NEW (not listened to)
  • Light green = = OLD (listened to)

Do I need to have someone in my phone’s contact list in order to have their name show up in a message?
No. The name and phone number displayed as part of Fusion Voicemail Plus’ caller ID is not solely based on your contact list it is also based on the telephone company's caller ID information.

Will I get charged text messaging fees for receiving the notification of a new voicemail message?
That depends on your cell phone service plan and provider. We recommend an unlimited SMS plan. We do not charge you, but basic charges from you cell phone provider do apply. Please note the BlackBerry version does not use SMS

Will I get charged data fees for receiving the voicemail messages?
That depends on your cell phone service plan and provider. We recommend an unlimited DATA plan. We do not charge you.

When I get notification of a message, how long does it take for a message to appear?
This depends on the delivery time of the SMS , your network and coverage. If you choose to automatically download the message then the time to get a good data connection and the size of the message will determine how fast you receive it.

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